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Latina with huge tits are bound in stocks, weighted nipple clamps.

Jul 31

Bent over, we have great access to all of her good parts. We hang heavy weighted clamps on her huge nipples. We flog her amazing ass. We finger fuck her tight wet, sexy pussy and we make her cum over and over and over. She begs for us to stop vibrating her over-sensitive clit but we just keep doing it any way. Orgasm after orgasm is ripped from her protesting body.
bound in stocks

Dildoes in rubber panties.

Jul 31

“What the hell is that?” she asked.

“Dildo panties.” She said. “You’ll love them. For hygiene purposes, it’s the only piece of garment girls don’t share. This is yours. Whether you say for us or not, you keep them.”

“But, I…”

Louise had already started unbuttoning Karen’s shirt and was undressing her rapidly. Karen was too surprised to react. In no time, she was naked in front of a bunch of unknown people, but they didn’t seemed to care. Louise put a large amount of lubricant on the dildo panties and instructed Karen how to put them on.
rubber bondage
Karen proceeded, not sure about all this. She felt the large intruders invade her. Oh, yes she knew what a dildo was and how it felt, but never in the other hole.

Sandra’s First Time – Part I, Hog-tied, Gagged and Helpless

Jul 23

Sandra looked around the dimly lit bedroom. It looked just like any other dorm-room. Two beds, two desks, one walk-in closet and a big easy chair. She shared this bedroom with her roommate Hannah. Outside the closed door was their small living room and on the other side was another bedroom occupied by their third roommate Tanya.

Sandra looked at the clock on the wall again. Just five minutes had passed since she had looked last. She shifted position slightly on her bed, grunting low as she tried to make her muscles relax. This was not so easy, because Sandra was hog-tied, in fact she was so effectively hog-tied
effectively hog-tied
that she couldn’t really move at all, just flex her fingers and toes and move her head. Sandra was a cute girl with dark-brown hair, usually kept in a ponytail or as today, in braids, her favorite hairstyle. She had a freckled button-nose and beautiful green eyes. She was of average height and had a trim, well-trained body.

She wondered if it was the right thing she had done, taking Tanya up on her dare. She remembered the last time she had been bound and gagged, it was two years ago and she was seventeen at the time. She had accidentally walked in on her cousin Maria who was tied to her bed completely naked. Two of Maria’s friends were teasing and playing with their bound captive and they had caught and tied Sandra to a chair. Later that night, Sandra herself had been tied spread-eagled to the bed completely naked.
naked spread eagled
Maria’s friends had done things to her she never thought was possible and she had had the best orgasm of her inexperienced life.

The mistress and the maids, part 2

Jul 23

Clara still lay on the bed, tightly bound.
tightly bound on the bed
Half of the day had gone by. She moved painfully, while listening for anyone coming to her rescue. The ropes were getting tighter as she tried to wriggle out of them, and her gag was soaked with her spit. Suddenly she heard a noise outside of the door to the room and tried to call out for help, but the gag prevented her from making a sound. The door opened slowly and Clara saw one of the other maids standing in the doorway. She came quietly into the room and smiled at Clara. Her crisp white apron, white frilly headdress and the black dress were a welcome sight to Clara. She closed the door behind her, found a chair near the wall and sat on it. Clara made big eyes as the maid made herself comfortable instead of freeing her and grunted through her gag.

“I am sorry Emily, but I can’t undo your ropes, Mistress’s orders. I am here to draw your portrait.” The maid said softly, taking a drawing book and a pencil from her pocket in the apron.

Clara couldn’t believe her ears, her ladyship wanted a portrait of her bound and gagged on this bed!

The mistress and the maids, part 1

Jul 23

…”Because it is her ladyships wish to do so. Now be quiet.” Emma took out some rope, and quickly tied Clara’s wrists behind her back. The rope was clinched, and knotted tightly.

“Why the hell are you tying me up? I can stay in here without being tied up.” Said Clara angrily, twisting and turning.

“That is what they all say. Curiosity killed that cat, Emily. Now be quiet!”
Emma pushed a large wadded cloth

wadded cloth gagged

into her mouth and secured it with another long strip of cloth. She tied a rope around her chest, above and below her bust and secured it tightly behind her at her elbows. Clara knew that the fight was over. Her hands were useless, and she couldn’t scream for help.

Emma took Clara, and pushed her into the bed. Clara landed on her back; Emma grabbed her booted feet and tied them at the ankles, making sure the rope also went through the heels of the boots.

heels bound

She rolled Clara over and tied her feet to her wrists…

Wedding Ring

Jul 23

As she was walking down the aisle, toward her soon to be husband, the love of her life, she saw the movie of the last five years of her life, all the events that led to that wonderful moment, the moment of truth, the moment of faith. Her moment.

She had been a closet fetishist for years, but she had decided to change things. She had put on her tightest rubber catsuit
rubber catsuit bondage
, thigh high kid leather boots with a spiky five inches heel, a black leather corset, grabbed a bag of leather cuffs, chains, padlocks and other goods and headed out.

Corset lacing for mistress

Jul 22

‘Give me my red and white striped corset and some tan nylons.’

Emily obeyed, although it was very difficult and handed her mistress what she asked for.

‘Follow me.’

Rachel led Emily back out to the bedroom, put the corset around her waist and sat down on the bench.

leather corset lacing

‘Put my stockings on – and if you so much as put a nick in them, there’s going to be hell to pay.

‘Emily crouched down and did as she was told, being extremely careful not to damage the expensive stockings. Rachel then stood up and Emily attached them to her corset.

‘Where are my shoes?’ Rachel asked suddenly.’You didn’t…”You expect me to walk around in my stocking feet? Get my red Bettie sandals at once.’ She barked.

Collar attached to her hands and feet, hogtied slave girl

Jul 22

She removed her ankle restraints and added them to Jewel’s bondage. Next came the collar. Emily smiled as she locked it around Jewel’s neck. She wasn’t worthy of Mistress’s attention. Emily had invested too much of her time and way too much agony to be replaced by some upstart.

She smiled and attached the collar to her hands and feet, effectively hogtying her. Then she sat back for a few moments and watched Jewel struggle.

‘You need to arch better than that.’ Emily chided, pulling on the chain attached to Jewel’s collar.

‘Mpphh…’ Jewel moaned as her chest was pulled up off the bed.

collared in denim slave

‘That’s much better.’ Emily cooed. She smiled and lay down beside Jewel. She had always been the one on the receiving end and this new sense of power and control was intoxicating. She slid her hands over her body and watched Jewel struggle.


Maid ball-gagged and bound, single sleeve bondage

Jul 22

Emily was released from the single sleeve and immediately put back into the red and black leather restraints.

‘Now get to it. Jewel needs to start her training immediately.’ Rachel ordered, pointing out of the room. ‘I’m going to take a nap.

‘Emily reluctantly led the upstart slave upstairs. She led her into the bedroom and turned Jewel around with more force than was necessary.

‘You stay here.’ She said, walking to the closet. She disappeared for a brief time and returned with a pressed satin maid’s outfit. She put it down on the bed and beckoned for Jewel to come over.
Without a word, Emily began unzipping Jewel’s dress. Dressing her mistress was one of Emily’s favorite activities, but this was something altogether different. She didn’t dawdle. A few minutes later she was zipping up the maids outfit.

Jewel turned and looked into the mirror in front of the bed.

‘Oh, this is really nice.’ She said, unable to take her eyes off her new costume.

‘Whatever. Honestly, I don’t like that outfit anymore. You’re welcome to it.’ Emily sniped, reaching her hands down between her legs.

ball-gagged maid


From Bad To Worse – free fetish bondage story

Jul 22

Karen had been preparing that little, well extended stunt for weeks, walking the path of the streets she would have to go, looking at the lighting, access, obstacles, the time needed to cover each section. Everything has been checked and re-checked and over checked four times. She was all set, physically and mentally. All she needed was the right weather at the right season.

The season was fall, with the early sunset, the darkness was coming in early, and daylight arriving late, giving her the maximum hiding time. Then there was the weather: rainy. She could cope with heavy rain, but she wished for more constant light rain.

And that day of November proved to be ideal: Soft to mild rainfall throughout the night and dark by 18:00 and light only by 06:00. Pretty much twelve hours of darkness.

She was getting ready. She had already put on her latex panties equipped with a double dildo, vibrating. It was setup at random. Already, walking with both lower holes plugged was a challenge, having them vibrate was a blast!

Following was a rubber bra with tiny spikes inside the cups.

Next was a thick latex catsuit with attached feet and gloves. The suit was fitting her very tightly and it was a struggle to put on, even with all the talk powder in the world. Getting the zipper up was a struggle as well as an arousal as it squeezed her stomach in and pulled on her crotch seam, pushing on the dildos.

A thin clear rubber hood covered her head, It was tucked inside the high collar of the catsuit. More would be added later, but for now, only a wig covered everything. Yes, her face would appear shiny, but on a rainy day, one expect to see someone with a wet look face.

Next came the boots: thigh high, lace up platform-ballet toe boots. They were as high as ballet boots, but with a platform heel and sole, making the walk easier. Then she placed two large leather cuffs on her ankles and over her knees, buckling them tightly before locking them. She did the same with her wrists.

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