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Roped to the chair

Feb 11

chair roped

Ike removed the chair, and then opened the door so Mary could
squirm out and into the chair. He told her to find a comfortable
position as she was going to be sitting there for a long while.
She squirmed around, and then indicated she was ready. Very
quickly, Ike secured her ankles, her waist, her arms and her
gloved hands to the chair with the rope. The final step was to secure the collar, and to then roll
the sweater collar to conceal it.

When he had finished, he asked her to try to move. It was found
she could move her knees back and forth, so additional rope was
used to center and secure her knees. She tried to move, and
confessed her inability to do so.

Hospital tape was wrapped around her mouth

Feb 11

hospital tape gagged

Then, very
rapidly, leather straps held her at ankles, knees, upper thighs,
waist, chest, arms, and neck. Her mouth was forced open, and it
was packed with a huge amount of cloth. Mary had been gagged
before, but this was ridiculous. She couldn’t begin to close her
mouth! And then, non-stick, hospital tape was wrapped around her
head several times to secure the packing.

Tied stretched up in corset and boots

Feb 11

stretched up

I saw
the backside of a woman, mostly naked except for an
extremely tight corset, standing with her arms stretched up
to either side of her head then fastened to rings on the
wall, her forehead tipped towards the wall. A wooden bench
with large velvety pillows on it was in front of her at
pelvic level forcing her to bend forward over it as her
hands were secured tightly high against the wall. She had on
a garter belt that I recognized as the one I was wearing,
with tight stockings in tippy toe boots.

Her swollen tits tied tight, her legs open with spreader bar

Jan 22

tied tits

‘Yes Mistress, tie some rope around the top of her tits, and, please Mistress tie it tight.’

Greta nodded and began looping more rope around and across the smooth upper slopes of Karen’s breasts. As she pulled them tighter she knew that Karen would begin to feel the compression.

‘Aaaaaagghhhhh ummmmmmfffff’. Karen did indeed feel the pressure and tried to protest. In vain.

Greta adjusted the loops and added a couple more, in such a way that Karen’s tits were bound, and in a way supported, from below, while the top thongs compressed her swollen tits downwards. The effect was as if they had been clamped horizontally, flattened above and below but bulging, swelling, jutting, between the ropes. Her tits were bulging, but her nipples were almost popping as the pressure was adjusted.

‘Enough?’ she stare intently at Lisa.

‘Not yet Mistress, shall we open her legs and tie her ankles to a spreader bar?’ Lisa hesitated and added quickly, ‘Yes, please Mistress, do it now.’ It felt strange for Lisa to be giving orders to her mistress but she knew that she was really only doing as she had been told and the whole ritual was fully intended to humiliate Karen as much as possible. She just hoped that her ideas for the tying of Karen’s tits did not upset her, she did not want to offend Karen or lose her friendship.

Red lines from the tight ropes and discomfort bondage

Jan 22

rope marks

Karen slowly stood up as the last of her rope bonds were released. Her knees and arms ached from their long unnatural constraint. But, despite their treatment, both her nipples and her clitoris were still sufficiently sensitive as to need further arousal. Pleased that she did not feel too sore, Karen wondered she dare request permission to masturbate. While she thought, standing with head bowed, she looked down over her swelling breasts and savored the sight of the red lines that the tight, coarse, rope had indented into the tender flesh. Strange, she thought, after all of that pain, that discomfort, now the sight of the marks excites me.

Gagged girl with her nipples standing out like solid knobs

Dec 8

hard nipples

And with that, she pushed the gag back into Toni’s mouth and tightened the strap once more. Then her hand went back to Toni’s crotch. Toni gave a muffled groan as her friend slipped a finger into her again. Gerry had turned round now and was watching them, a short whip clutched in his fingers. Toni glanced in the mirror, seeing how her firm young breasts jutted out from her chest, the nipples standing out like solid knobs, and a shiver of excitement ran through her. Alex was right; it was thrilling to be watched.

When Gerry crossed the room to join them once more, she found herself thrusting her hips forward, as if trying to draw his attention to the wetness between her legs.
Gerry handed the whip to Alex. It wasn’t very long, but it was extremely thin, so that it bowed back as she swished it through the air.

Her arms tied high above her head, spreadeagled into an X-shape bondage

Dec 8


Toni tugged at the bonds that held her arms stretched high above her head, trying in vain to find some relief from the stiffness in her joints as she twisted her naked body from side to side. She glanced across at the mirror opposite her on the wall. What she saw was a lovely young girl, her limbs forcibly spreadeagled into an X-shape by the cruel ropes that held her to the frame, her mouth forced open by a black leather ball-gag that left her incapable of speech. Her gaze travelled down her body, taking in the tension in her limbs, her muscles taut, her young breasts stretched almost oval by her bondage. She glanced down at her sex, remarking on the way the lips had been shaved of all hair, leaving only the neat, dark triangle that covered her pubic mound.

She wriggled her hands and pulled her arms, but the metal cuffs only clicked and held her

Mar 28

wriggled in bondage

The girl remained motionless. She waited for the penis to soften and diminish. It did not. She started to twist and bend, trying to throw herself off the violation. The leverage was not good. The angle wasn’t right. Her most powerful try only succeeded in raising her half up his member. Then she only sank down on it again.

She groaned, drool unavoidably collecting behind her teeth and dripping over her lower lip onto the man’s stomach. She wriggled her hands and pulled her arms, but the metal cuffs only clicked and held her. She looked down at her exquisite body held by the delicate black lace. For a fleeting second, her mind told her Peter was right. The groupies were right. She had been asking for this. She deserved this. She was nothing but a cocktease bitch.

Terri howled in the night. A burbling gasp was all that emerged from behind her gag, but it was enough.

At Her Girlfriends Mercy

Jan 24

So she wanted to break-up did she…? The emails said everything that Emily needed to know and she was
waiting when Jamie got home. It was easy to grab her, Jamie never fought hard enough to get away and Emily
was going to make sure that didn’t happen. Not as long as Emily had a tight hold of her and the upper hand.
Once Emily had her on the floor, she started wrapping rope around her wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. Jamie
knew she was in for it as Emily straddled her and clamped a hand over her mouth as she told Jamie that she
knew all about her little plan to dump her. Jamie started to deny it but by that time Emily had her hogtied
and she had pushed a thick gag between her teeth.


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