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Girl spread-eagled across the table, her wrists tied to the table legs

Nov 29

Toni felt her wrists grabbed and she was dragged onto her back again. Isabel held her down whilst the other two tied her wrists to the table legs. Once that was done her ankles were similarly secured, so that the naked girl was spread-eagled across the table, totally at the mercy of her captors.


For a while she continued to struggle, but then surrendered herself to the inevitable, as Isabel began work with the razor.

First of all the foam was rubbed about her sex lips with a brush. It was warm and soapy, the liquid trickling down her slit and over her anus. The soft touch of the brush made her squirm slightly as it ran over her most private place.

Isabel shaved her expertly, running the razor smoothly over her soft skin, scraping away the wiry little hairs about the lips. As she did so, the touch of her fingers stimulated Toni, so that she moaned quietly, her body totally relaxed and compliant now as she surrendered herself to the woman’s touches. Once the hair was removed, Isabel ran a warm cloth over the area, wiping away the remaining foam.

“There,” said Isabel at last. “That’s better. Release her, girls.”
Toni’s wrists and ankles were freed at once and she sat up, rubbing the marks where the rope had been.

Completely tied and blindfolded girl

Sep 9

blindfolded girl

Suddenly the woman reached into her handbag and pulled out a length of black material.
“There’s one more thing I must do,” she said quietly. Please don’t be afraid. Just bend your head forward.”
Toni obeyed. The woman wrapped the cloth about her eyes and tied it at the back of her head, blindfolding her completely. Toni made no complaint, though it felt very strange to be made still more helpless. There was something about placing herself in the woman’s power that appealed to her greatly.

Punishment room

Jun 23

jeans bound

Norena opened one.
The room was “Oooh, a punishment room,” said Stacy, her
eyes wide. “The Hillings didn’t have one… but
I’ve heard about them. Do you punish us here?”
“I don’t. This is for Master and Mistress only.
Maids are punished here for more… serious of-
fenses… or sometimes just for the sport of it. It’s
fairly common in New England.”
“I’ve never seen so many chains and things. And
some of those things I just can’t imagine what
they are used for. But I’ll bet they hurt a girl.”

Pussy clamps with panties into her mouth

Jun 23

pussy clamps

“Probably should gag your slave before putting
clamps on her pussy, Madam,” suggested
Victoria reached up under her skirt and peeled
off her panties.
“Open, slave-girl,” she commanded of Julie.
“Ooh, your pants look rather wet, Mistress,”
complained Julie.
“Slave girls don’t talk back!” snapped Victoria.
“Besides, you know what I taste like. Open!” Julie
opened her mouth like a baby bird expecting a
worm. The pants were popped into her mouth with
force. Julie’s face flushed as she tasted Victoria
Palmer once again. Victoria put clamps on her
sex lips.

Collared servant girl

Jun 23


It was a slave, not a
servant. The girl wore a collar shackle, her breast
brands were fairly fresh and still red-brown, and
glistening rings dangled from her erect nipples.

Fresh whip mark on the slim back of a downstairs maid

May 31

whip marks

Happily and elegantly, they knew their creation as a girl, and accepting the course of human nature as being what it is they recognized that ropes and chains and whips were
devised specifically for their young bodies. They questioned not why this was so. It just was. And part of being a domestic included ready acceptance to such machinations with dignity and, in fact, joy. Thus these beautiful creatures were unique, and were set apart from their sisters of other vocations and conditions. Indeed, a fresh whip mark on the slim back of a downstairs maid caused her no more grief than a rose prick on a more sophisticated lady’s finger.

Torture and breast bondage

Feb 22

breast roped tied

“Don’t be so foolish as to think our game has come to an end,” Mack says, dropping a thin coil of rope on the floor. It is more wire than rope. “The fire will return very soon. Only then will you know what it’s like to truly suffer.”

Terry responds desperately to the threat of more suffering, but there is nothing she can do other than imagine it. Mack coils the thin rope around the base of her dangling left breast, listening to her bawl as he works, promising more torture. He is a master with his knots and he ties the breast off tightly, binding it strangely as Terry shakes her head, still believing she can reason him to stop with her wild protests.

In no apparent rush, Mack works slowly and repeats the process on Terry’s right breast. He then binds her tits sharply together until they bulge sickly off her chest. The ringbolt comes in handy once again. Ignoring her sobs, which are increasing in tenor, Mack ties the rope to the floor and returns to the crank.

Ball gag and clothespins

Feb 12

Nude, except for black 5″ pumps, curvaceous Tory is bound to a post with a thick beam between her thighs. One leg is frog-tied, a harness ballgag frames her face, and strict ropework encircles her breasts.


Bondage apartments

Jan 24

This horny bastard proceeds to break into the girl’s apartment, knock them out one by one, and then carries the unconcious beauties off to his dungeon in which the girl’s don’t even realize they have been kidnapped and stored in another apartment in the same building! Each girl is held hostage separately and is forced to listen to their roomates screaming and pleading while being told to comply with all instructions and tasks or else they would never see each other again! Poor Jewell endures a caning, nipple & labia clamps, breast and pussy torture while blindfolded, and strong minded Vicky won’t give up even after a flogging, paddling, pussy clothespins, a zipper, clover clamps, and a caning. Both girl’s are determined to out smart this jerk, but instead find themselves tied together face to face and then forced to watch each other cum!


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