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The bondage bra and vibrating dildo

Feb 11

vibrating dildo

The first extra made its appearance after Ike tied the rope belt
on her. It was a vibrating dildo for her pussy with a remote
on/off switch. This really didn’t perturb her in any big way,
but, she nevertheless bitched about it, just to keep up
appearances! And he, fully aware of her self-imposed obligation
to bitch, cheerfully ignored her bitching. The bondage bra went
on followed by the cuffs at wrists and upper arms; then, sweater
and skirt…

Chained naked in chastity belt

Feb 11

chastity belt tied

The chastity belt was fitted to
her. She had two, one to be worn alone, and one for over the
corset. Both were made the same way, one being slightly larger
to fit over the corset (even with the waist reduction, there was
a slight swelling to her hips; they had tried to fit the first
belt over the corset and, while it would work, they decided to
spend the money to make a proper fit). There was a locking belt
with a front piece that descended downward between her legs which
ended in two chains going upwards over her ass cheeks to the belt
in back. The front piece fit her pussy closely, with a thin slit
through which the outer lips of her pussy would protrude
slightly, but which prevented insertion of anything. The
pressure on the lips kept her in a constant state of low arousal,
which was just fine, for the both of them.

Gagged slave girl without able to bite down

Feb 11

gagged open

I had no sooner opened my
mouth when I felt her fingers slide something between my
teeth, forcing them open perhaps an inch. I instinctively
pushed my tongue forward to explore this invasion of my
mouth only to find nothing there; my tongue went right past
my teeth and out through my lips! I felt around with my
tongue to discover that an insert had been placed to prevent
my teeth from coming together. The restraint had a large
round opening directly in front, between my upper and lower
teeth, and was obviously pliable at the inner circular edges
with the force of my tongue. With it in place, anyone could
force something past my lips and into my mouth, without my
able to bite down on the foreign object or otherwise prevent
them from doing so. I could open my jaw further, but not
close my teeth closer than maybe an inch or inch and a half.
This restraint did not prevent my lips from closing however,
with effort I could bring them all the way together. I could
feel tiny rods extend from the sides of the insert outward
past the corners of my mouth. My exploring done, I
considered opening my mouth as wide as I could to force this
thing from my mouth…

Pony girl with heavy tits and wit a bridle over her head

Feb 11

bridle pony girl

Toweling the last of the foam from her
he had Gina stand up and put a bridle over her head
tightening the straps and then Gina opened her mouth on his
command to accept the bit which he buckled tightly under her
chin and behind her head. Cuffing her wrists behind her back
she started to tremble as her thrust out heavy tits started
to quiver. The groom stroked her soft behind and ran his
hand over her flat stomach and cupped her heavy tits and
gently pulled on her nipples calming Gina down. Attaching
reins to her bridle he then tied them to a ring and left her
there. Gina wanted at this point to please her Master and to
be a pony girl since that was what her Master wished.

Enormous butt plug as punishment for petite young blonde

Feb 11

enormous butt plug

The men were playing cards, and after a few minutes of watching it became evident the stakes were punishments for their girls. The game in play at that moment was for an enormous butt plug. It was narrow at its tip, but widened with each inch, until, ten or twelve inches down, where it abruptly narrowed again, it was thicker than a large man’s fist.

The loser sighed and threw his cards on the table, then motioned to a petite young blonde beside him. She blanched as she looked at the green butt plug sitting on the ground before them. But she crawled forward under their eyes and squatted over it, then began to settle herself slowly down as the men began another game.

She took the first inch without difficulty, and started working herself up and down very slowly. Another inch slid into her, then a third, but now the thing was growing very wide, and she panted and moaned as she tried to sink lower. Another inch, then a fifth pushed up inside her, and still she sank, twisted, rose, sank, twisted, rose, trying to get the rest inside her tight anal tube.

Ring gag tied tight and secured with a small padlock

Jan 22

ring gagged

‘Open!’ Greta grabbed Karen’s lower jaw. With an ease borne out of experience she slipped the leather covered metal ring into Karen’s gaping mouth, behind her teeth, firmly wedging it wide open.

‘Arrrrrggggh arrrrrrghhhhh!’ Karen babbled helplessly.

‘I like what you say my dear, let me just fasten the strap around your pretty head. ‘You don’t have to stand on tiptoe you know!’ Greta pulled the leather thong tight and secured the clasp with a small padlock. ‘There you are, now you can’t remove it, but you can enjoy it!’

‘Now, that is better, much better. I love a slave who drools. You know how to please me slave Karen!’ Greta casually pinched each erect nipple as she walked across the dungeon, her own spike heels clicking on the hard floor.

Spreader bar and tip toes bondage with vibrator

Jan 22

tiptoes tied

Karen moved around behind Lisa, still on arched feet, just bearing to hold the position and the minimum contact on her clitoris. Greta was aware of the situation Lisa had found herself in. Standing flat footed was all to easy, and standing on full tip-toe was not too difficult for short periods of time, but standing in a position between the two extremes was both difficult and tiring. Karen adjusted a pair of small switches, one above and one below, the spreader bar. By careful experimentation she finally locked them in position so that if Lisa flattened her feet she would cause the bottom switch to make contact, and if she raised herself right on to tip toe, to remove herself from the pressure of the rubber probes. the upper switch made contact.

‘Excellent!’ Greta gave her customary response. ‘That is excellent. Now let us see what happens when the little slut moves.’

Greta took a final quick check of the arrangement. Lisa was standing on raised feet, her heels still an inch or so off the floor, her arms hanging loosely from the overhead chains.

Satisfied she pressed a switch on her control box. Immediately the dungeon was filled with the sound of the vibrator, clearly at a high setting, judging by the reaction from Lisa. After a few seconds Lisa began to feel uncomfortable and lowered her feet fully on to the floor. As she lowered herself, the lower switch made contact, the vibrator ceased its operation and, unseen to Greta and Karen, the head of the dildo deep inside the warm wet recesses of Lisa’s cunt began to expand. Lisa gasped at the intrusion, as the head of the rubber penis expanded.

Punishment with large rubber dildo and ropes

Jan 22


Karen looked closely. Carefully fixed to the top of the tripod was a large rubber dildo. It was a dildo quite unlike any she had seen before, the head was distinctly larger than life even though the shape faithfully echoed a real life fully aroused male glans. The shaft was more normal in size but it appeared to be well endowed with a number of sort rubber nipples sticking out around the circumference over the lower few inches. At the bottom of the dildo a narrow flange was visible, pointing forward, towards where any clit may come into contact with it. The whole of this flange appeared to covered in a number of quite thin rubber probes, an inch or so long . Coming from underneath was a long thick cable which seemed to be connected to some sort of control box lying on the floor besides Greta’s chair.

The tripod was more robust than a photographic tripod, even though it appeared to have a center column that was adjusted by a rotating wheel. In fact, Karen thought, the mechanism seems suspiciously like an ordinary, well, perhaps not so ordinary, car jack. Turning the wheel would raise, or lower, the central pillar and with it the monstrous black hard rubber dildo.

Mistress in black leotard and boots and her slave girl

Dec 8

mistress and slave

She pushed open the door and stepped inside, closing it behind her. Then she turned and stopped short.
Alex was standing in the centre of the room, holding a thin whip in her hand. She wore a black leotard made of shiny leather that hugged her curves like a second skin, pressing her breasts upwards so that an almost obscene area of cleavage was on display. Her legs were encased in black fishnet tights and long boots that came almost to the knee. The leotard was cut so high that her thighs were uncovered to her waist, no more than a thin strip of leather covering her crotch. She wore black gloves on her hands and a black peaked cap was placed jauntily on her head. She stood, hands on hips, an arrogant smile on her face.

Time for your punishment

Nov 29

“Time for your punishment, my little beauty,” he murmured.
Toni replied with a low moan.
He reached up and pulled down a pair of manacles that hung from the ceiling close to the end of the table. He undid her wrists and trapped them in the metal shackles. Then he pulled on a chain, dragging her hands high above her head. The knowledge that the whipping was about to commence made the wetness in Toni’s sex increase as she contemplated it.


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