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Heavy bracelets and heavily boned corset

Feb 11

corsetted slaves

For the flight, she wore a heavily boned corset and a locking
chastity belt. On her wrists, were heavy bracelets which looked
odd, but were discrete as there were electro magnets built in –
when the switch was on, the magnets held the bracelets together
firmly and she was cuffed as well as she would be in any of their
conventional cuffs.

Tied stretched up in corset and boots

Feb 11

stretched up

I saw
the backside of a woman, mostly naked except for an
extremely tight corset, standing with her arms stretched up
to either side of her head then fastened to rings on the
wall, her forehead tipped towards the wall. A wooden bench
with large velvety pillows on it was in front of her at
pelvic level forcing her to bend forward over it as her
hands were secured tightly high against the wall. She had on
a garter belt that I recognized as the one I was wearing,
with tight stockings in tippy toe boots.

Tied in metal breasts torture device

Feb 11

breasts torture device

As I stepped up to the device, my neck fit up to a
semicircular ring, or collar, that was also permanently
fixed to the framework. I could have pulled my upper body
back, to remove my neck from contact with the ring, but saw
no immediate reason to do so. The core of the ring, while
obviously metal, was covered with a plush padded wrap. A set
of small diameter holes could be seen around the top of the
ring. She wrapped a soft strap about each thigh and pulled
them snug to the frame. The front on my legs were pulled
into a set of pads that kept my legs straight, and slightly
spread. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was obvious that I
had lost control of my leg movement. Another soft strap went
about my lower torso, slightly above my hips, and another
just below my armpits. As she tightened both of these, my
body was likewise pulled tight to the frame. There were no
pads or other obstructions in proximity of my breasts, but
there was a curved plate, with two round cut-outs where a
larger set of breasts could fit. My chest was forced tightly
against this plate. I could feel pressure all about, but
aside from my bra, there were no sensations from my breasts.
She left my brassiere in place, my small mounds now
protruding firmly out from my chest.

Ball gag, ring gag an other instruments of punishment

Jan 22

ring gag

‘Oh, for heavens sake, you are so noisy. I suspect you want a gag to help you. What would you prefer?’ Greta walked over to the well stocked bench at the side of the dungeon.

‘Let me see, let me see. Ah yes, one of these perhaps?’ she held up a black ball shaped gag attached to a fine leather strap, ‘Or this perhaps, you like the dental gag don’t you?’ She looked back at Lisa. ‘Or what about your other favorite, this little ring gag?’

Greta walked back to the cage and held all three instruments of punishment in front of Lisa. ‘You choose!’

‘Please Mistress, please, if I may, can I have the ball gag?’ Lisa pleaded, her eyes wide in anticipation.

‘Oh, you don’t like this little ring then?’

‘Oh, please, no Mistress, no!’

At first she had struggled against the bonds, wishing desperately to cover her breasts and sex…

Nov 29

She wore only the stockings which, far from preserving her modesty, simply served to enhance the nakedness, her sex lips even more prominent than before her ordeal in the staff room, puffy and swollen with the actions of the candle.

wrists tied elbows

They had tied her hands behind her, securing each wrist to the opposite elbow, so that her arms were held high up her back, leaving her backside uncovered. At first she had struggled against the bonds, wishing desperately to cover her breasts and sex, but now she stood quietly, resigned to her fate. Her face still glowed red as she listened to the Principal’s voice.

Two girls tied together

Jun 23

tied together

“Show you the Georgia tie for two girls,” smiled
Victoria. “Would you mind pulling your skirts up
… right up to your pants, please… that’s it.”

Victoria looped the rope around the adjoining
thighs of each girl at the very top of each leg, and
pulled the thigh of each girl tight to the other girl’s thigh, She pulled down their skirts, then with the
second rope bound their adjoining arms together
near the shoulder. Stacy immediately felt a tingle
of arousal, for it was a first for her.

City of the dreams, bondage and domination comics

Apr 30



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Fifi chastises her maid, bondage comics

Apr 30


The nonplussed maid costume was splattered and dirty from the flying food, so the dress had to be taked off her to be cleaned.
She was then marched down to the basement and made to kneel and thighs together. In this cramped kneeling position she was made to stay until she learned the lesson of always keeping in mind her instructions on how to behave while serving.


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Pleasure expectations, masturbating in bondage

Apr 14

We’ve left this model alone and went out as though to write a script for the shooting. And we didn’t turn the camera off. The model was so afraid that we might enter any second and this was probably the reason that stopped her from masturbating. But she was surely most anxious to do it. Just look at her eyes??


Corset lace open, her tits free

Mar 28

He reached up and pulled the smooth straps of the merry widow off Laura’s shoulders and pulled down the corset until her tits sprung free.
tits free corset

…He reached up and pulled the smooth straps of the merry widow off Laura’s shoulders and pulled down the corset until her tits sprung free.

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