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Roped to the chair

Feb 11

chair roped

Ike removed the chair, and then opened the door so Mary could
squirm out and into the chair. He told her to find a comfortable
position as she was going to be sitting there for a long while.
She squirmed around, and then indicated she was ready. Very
quickly, Ike secured her ankles, her waist, her arms and her
gloved hands to the chair with the rope. The final step was to secure the collar, and to then roll
the sweater collar to conceal it.

When he had finished, he asked her to try to move. It was found
she could move her knees back and forth, so additional rope was
used to center and secure her knees. She tried to move, and
confessed her inability to do so.

The bondage bra and vibrating dildo

Feb 11

vibrating dildo

The first extra made its appearance after Ike tied the rope belt
on her. It was a vibrating dildo for her pussy with a remote
on/off switch. This really didn’t perturb her in any big way,
but, she nevertheless bitched about it, just to keep up
appearances! And he, fully aware of her self-imposed obligation
to bitch, cheerfully ignored her bitching. The bondage bra went
on followed by the cuffs at wrists and upper arms; then, sweater
and skirt…

Enormous butt plug as punishment for petite young blonde

Feb 11

enormous butt plug

The men were playing cards, and after a few minutes of watching it became evident the stakes were punishments for their girls. The game in play at that moment was for an enormous butt plug. It was narrow at its tip, but widened with each inch, until, ten or twelve inches down, where it abruptly narrowed again, it was thicker than a large man’s fist.

The loser sighed and threw his cards on the table, then motioned to a petite young blonde beside him. She blanched as she looked at the green butt plug sitting on the ground before them. But she crawled forward under their eyes and squatted over it, then began to settle herself slowly down as the men began another game.

She took the first inch without difficulty, and started working herself up and down very slowly. Another inch slid into her, then a third, but now the thing was growing very wide, and she panted and moaned as she tried to sink lower. Another inch, then a fifth pushed up inside her, and still she sank, twisted, rose, sank, twisted, rose, trying to get the rest inside her tight anal tube.

Punishment shoes with four inch heel are good for slave girl

Jan 22

punishment shoes

‘Here, wear these, I think a four inch heel should be good for you.’ Greta tossed a pair of black mules on to the bed. ‘Quickly, slip them on! I’m sure you won’t find these too high for you.’

Karen picked them up and stared. They were perfectly normal shoes, normal stiletto heels, but a closer inspection showed her that the insole, under the heel, was covered in a pattern of some eight or nine small metal studs. Small studs, with rounded heads that were about the size of match heads. Or small pebbles! Karen winced at the thought.

Christmas Day Bonus…Little Miss Jasmine Sinclair

Dec 8

Jasmine Sinclair

Little Miss Santa stared at all her presents under the tree. It is her favourite time of year of course! She grabbed the biggest present she could find and opened it: a load of colourful rope and a funny looking gag thing! “Hmmm I wonder…” thought Miss Santa to herself…

Suddenly her Christmas cloak was gone and her hands were bound in the rope. The gag was tied around her mouth and her other clothes slowly disappeared. Kinky little Miss Santa loved it as you can see from these photos! Of course it was all just a dream. No girl would really get tied up and stripped like that, so all you guys to see her on Christmas Day, would they??

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Her wrists and ankles cuffed and her protests silenced with a ball gag

Dec 8

cuffed ball gagged

Minutes later the two men had appeared in his room. They were rough, unshaven men, quite unlike anyone she had encountered in the castle before and they grinned broadly at the sight of the naked beauty being held in an arm lock by Bastik. They snapped cuffs onto her wrists and ankles and silenced her protests with a ball gag that fastened behind her head.
Then one of them lifted her easily onto his shoulder and carried her out.

Girl tied, punished and slapped

Dec 8

tied punished

The girl slapped her with the flat of her hand, striking one cheek, then the other. Toni bit her lip to prevent herself crying out. Each slap stung dreadfully, and she knew her bottom would be glowing red under the onslaught.

But there was another sensation as well as the pain. A return of the warmth she had felt earlier. This time, though, it was the pain that was causing it. Somehow the effect of being tied and punished was acting as a stimulant, and once again she became aware that her body was responding in a manner that was totally at odds with her mind.

First punishment for her

Jun 23

panty gagged

Mistress always made her commands sound like
a question.
“Why don’t you please both stuff your under-
pants in each other’s mouth for the first punish-
ment. Don’t like you to start yelling too early in
the day, and the first thing may hurt a bit. Or
would you rather the rubber gags you came in?”
Laura and Sylvia whispered to each other.
“We’ll use each other’s pants. The rubber thing
is really cruel,” said Laura.
The maids were impressed with Mistress’ erotic
touch. They were seeing,an expert,at work, and .
knew it.. The two females held their mouth open
like hungry fishes, arid stuffed the intimate mate-,
rial far, inside each other. Laura blushed as she
tasted SyIvia’s ‘femaleness on the wispy material.
Sylyia,didn’,t respond to her gag with any emotion
at all.

Full force spanking

Jun 23


She stood behind Julie and applied the spanking
full force. They were gunshots in volume.
“When you’re ready to eat my pussy, and
Stacy’s and Sondra’s too, just nod your head, you
little slut.” Victoria intentionally issued the crude
words to further excite Julie’s submission. It
worked. Especially being called a slut. At the next
loud smack of hand against her bottom, Julie
burbled into her gag. Following this, she began to
chew on the panties, jerked, orgasmed terribly, and
fell limp in her ropes. Her thighs were soaked from
the emission.

College girls tied and whipped

Jun 23

college girl tied

Her whipper, dressed in white shorts and T-shirt
like all the college girls, carefully took her clothes
as they were handed to her and lay them carefuly
on the grass, for they need be put on again each
time. The stripping was part of the delight. The
recipient stretched her slender arms upwards to the top of the post, where the hands were tied with
good old-fashioned rope,

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