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Heavy bracelets and heavily boned corset

Feb 11

corsetted slaves

For the flight, she wore a heavily boned corset and a locking
chastity belt. On her wrists, were heavy bracelets which looked
odd, but were discrete as there were electro magnets built in –
when the switch was on, the magnets held the bracelets together
firmly and she was cuffed as well as she would be in any of their
conventional cuffs.

Large rubber ball gag was forced between her lips and a strap placed about her head

Dec 8

gagged and bound

Whether Alex had sensed her reluctance, or whether she intended to gag her captive anyhow, Toni didn’t know. What she did know was that, as she opened her mouth to protest, a large rubber ball was forced between her lips and a strap placed about her head.
‘Mmmf’ Toni’s protest was stifled to an incomprehensible mumble as Alex tightened the strap. She shook her head back and forth to try to dislodge the gag, but it was hopeless. Once more she gazed at her reflection, and realised that she was entirely in Alex’s power.

Time for your punishment

Nov 29

“Time for your punishment, my little beauty,” he murmured.
Toni replied with a low moan.
He reached up and pulled down a pair of manacles that hung from the ceiling close to the end of the table. He undid her wrists and trapped them in the metal shackles. Then he pulled on a chain, dragging her hands high above her head. The knowledge that the whipping was about to commence made the wetness in Toni’s sex increase as she contemplated it.


She began to suck him, running her tongue over the end of his penis…

Nov 29

“Open your mouth,” he said.
For a second Toni stared at him uncomprehendingly.
“Your mouth. Open it!”
Then she understood. She opened her mouth and took him inside.
He tasted strange. There was a smell about him that excited her and she closed her lips about his thick shaft.
“Suck it.”
Toni began to suck him, running her tongue over the end of his penis as she did so, strangely thrilled by the way it twitched, as if it had a life of its own.

bondage sex

He continued to hold onto her hair, and began moving his hips back and forth, thrusting his cock right to the back of her throat, so that she almost gagged, then withdrawing it again. And all the time Toni continued to suck hard.
The whole thing was oddly stimulating to her. She could sense the Principal’s excitement, and it seemed to be transferring itself to her. She wished her hands were free, so that she could rub her own sex, or even better grasp hold of the great shaft that penetrated her mouth and feel its strength under her fingers. She fell into a rhythm with him, moving her head back and forth in time to his own movements. At the same time her hips were in motion again, thrusting forwards lewdly, her sex hungry to be filled.
His motions began to increase, ramming his cock against her face with an intensity that shook her whole body, making her breasts shake up and down delightfully. He had his fingers clamped in her hair and held her tightly . The grip was painful, but Toni was oblivious to it, her entire being concentrating on the great organ in her mouth.

Girl spread-eagled across the table, her wrists tied to the table legs

Nov 29

Toni felt her wrists grabbed and she was dragged onto her back again. Isabel held her down whilst the other two tied her wrists to the table legs. Once that was done her ankles were similarly secured, so that the naked girl was spread-eagled across the table, totally at the mercy of her captors.


For a while she continued to struggle, but then surrendered herself to the inevitable, as Isabel began work with the razor.

First of all the foam was rubbed about her sex lips with a brush. It was warm and soapy, the liquid trickling down her slit and over her anus. The soft touch of the brush made her squirm slightly as it ran over her most private place.

Isabel shaved her expertly, running the razor smoothly over her soft skin, scraping away the wiry little hairs about the lips. As she did so, the touch of her fingers stimulated Toni, so that she moaned quietly, her body totally relaxed and compliant now as she surrendered herself to the woman’s touches. Once the hair was removed, Isabel ran a warm cloth over the area, wiping away the remaining foam.

“There,” said Isabel at last. “That’s better. Release her, girls.”
Toni’s wrists and ankles were freed at once and she sat up, rubbing the marks where the rope had been.

Girl tied by her thumbs

Jun 23

tree tied

Victoria was tied by her thumbs to a tree branch
and her backside was nicely striated already from
the top of her back to her thighs.

“Sorry, Miss Victoria,” said Sondra as they
shortened her thumb ropes. Sondra adjusted the
ropes properly while Stacy held Victoria up off the
ground momentarily. Stacy released her armful,
and their pretty mistress swung slowly by her
“Ooooh,” said Victoria, softly. “Gosh, thumb-
hanging hurts so. Oh, that’s o.k., girls, you’re only
following orders. How long do I get?”
“I’m afraid forty-five minutes, Miss Victoria,”
said Stacy seriously.

How to mix Football and Bondage

Feb 12

With the boys at the match this would cut down their options for bondage play during the game, so we decided that at the end of the game the losing boy would have to travel home gagged and handcuffed once out of the city. We lived 40 minutes away and so the return car journey would be interesting and hopefully (for the loser) out of sight from other travellers!

After lunch the boys set of for the match and that meant that Lisa and I got ready for the game. We had decided to dress sexily and so chose bra, knickers, stockings & suspenders based on colours of the team we to cheer for. That meant that Lisa changed into a light blue set of underwear with white opaque stockings. As a follower of United I was in a bright red set with black opaque stockings. Until one team went behind we would also wear one of our husbands’ team shirts


Trisha part 7, chastity and electroplay

Jan 11

I spread my legs for the crotch piece. Gail eased a thin metal probe up my butt. It was connected to a cable that ran from the back of the belt down between my butt-cheeks, widening out into a panel that covered the lips of my sex with a perforated panel. This plate attached up to the post connecting the waist together, and it was all locked in place.


Trisha part 6, lether straps bondage

Jan 11

I wanted to accept right then and there, gushing my heart out to her, but the pony bit blocked my speech. I wanted to follow her, to be with her, but Dave’s hand on the reins held me back.


Trisha part 3, straitjacket and plug

Jan 4

Linda looped the long strap that came from the neck of the straitjacket over my elbows, and tucked it through a loop on my abdomen. She pulled it taut, securing my elbows together in front. Linda pulled the strap between my legs and over the plug, holding it in place. I enjoyed the brief female touch down there, but I could tell that this was just for the photo shoot. Sadly, she didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. She cinched the crotch strap snug, driving the pony plug in a bit deeper.



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