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Latex bodysuit selfbondage

Mar 9

I should start out by sharing my favourite self bondage position. I have one of them solid tubular metal beds that folds up into a couch. I fold it up, insert my 2 1/4 plug, put on my full body latex bodysuit


(thats head to toe including hands and feet, with holes for eyes, nose, mouth, nipples and on on the top of my head to pull my long hair through.), then i setup my ice timer which is suspended from the roof, and the new cell phone key drop idea to the desk infront of the “couch”, i then strap on my harness solid ball gag, then my leather locking shackles, then I tie a crotch rope, then a really tight hair tie, then i kneel infront of the bed turned couch and tie my legs together and to the crotch rope, i then tie the crotch rope the first tube of the couch (where your knees would hang over). I then tie my cloth pins to then end of the hair tie, i feed the cloths pins up over the back of the couch, around the tube, and then attack to the nipples, then i slide a belt up my arms behind my back to pull my elbows together, and then I lock my wrists together. then i wait for ice to melt or cell phone to ring or alarm go off, reach back and grab the keys, pulling my hair, and eventually pulling off the nipple clamps.

A panty girdle and bullet vibrator

Feb 22

bullet vibrator

When I heard the toilet flush I knew she had finished. When I returned I got out the baby powder and gave her a thorough dusting leaving her nether region for last. Before commencing with the final dusting I casually reached into the box. She expectantly closed her eyes as she spread her legs in order to give me access for the final dusting. Having expected this reaction I reached up and quickly but gently slid a bullet vibrator into her quim.

Is today Wednesday? Leather cuffs and crotch rope.

Dec 27

A new idea flashed across her mind, she pulled the rope between her legs and up behind her. She made a loop and threw the rope over the plank above her. She adjusted the rope so her wrists would just meet the loop.

Is today Wednesday? Cuffs and padlock.

Dec 27

She then placed the chrome links of the cuffs into the padlock and with some trouble snapped the lock closed.

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